Riah Jaye 
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Riah Jaye is a professional photographer and videographer who specialises in travel, music, and events. Riah chases the human element to the story, and seeks to work primarily with those who create positive change.

When did you begin taking photographs and how did it lead to your current practice?
I started off in videography about 10 years ago, and that just naturally led to photography. I started by photographing family trips, live music, friends, camping…Now it’s one of my favourite parts of the job and one of my favourite hobbies too.

Are there any photographers whose work you admire?
There are so many incredible photographers that come to mind!! Craig Parry, Brooke Pyke (l love underwater photography) Natalie Karpushenko, Damien Nikora… There is something in the way they capture authentic beauty.


Where do you find inspiration as a photographer?
A lot of my inspiration comes from nature, I can never get tired of it. If I’m lacking motivation and inspiration, a camp trip or a hike will get me itching for my camera again. There is also something about those small authentic moments that would otherwise go by unnoticed, capturing them and knowing I have something special that brings up an emotion or a feeling.

Tell us about your gear!
I shoot photo on an A7rii and its been my trusty companion for many years now! My video camera is the A7siii and I love it. I’ve finally made it into the drone world and love the new perspective and ability to shoot ocean life from above.

What’s it like being a woman in the photography industry?
Yikes its a tricky one! I am often overlooked and dismissed, and people take longer to realise I’m a professional. I am often having to prove myself. I notice if I am on an all male set I will lean towards dressing masculinely to try and be taken seriously! It’s also quite isolating, pretty much every other photographer I’ve worked with has been a male presenting. But in many ways it’s a blessing. Recently I’ve had a client tell me how nice it was to have feminine energy in the room during our shoot. I have been praised for making camera shy talent feel comfortable and safe, and I feel there is a softness in my work that people find very authentic.

What was the best piece of advice you were given starting out?
Just to keep shooting. Try not to get stuck on every photo needing to have a purpose, sometimes the crappy photos lead to the great ones. As soon as you shoot only for ‘bangers’ the sooner you lose all the magic that got you into it in the first place!!

How has your work evolved over the years?
Of course! It took me a really long time to find an editing style that I liked, its nice to have that groove down now.

What advice do you have for women who would like to be in the photography industry?
If you know you’re good at it, stand your ground, know your worth, and don’t let yourself be bullied! Be genuine and open and good things will come.

What are your upcoming projects?
My partner and I are heading to Europe for a few shoots this year! I have never been so I’m very excited to see what inspiration comes from being in a new place.

Thanks Riah!