Tamron Lens Utility™

Customise your TAMRON lens for maximum performance and enjoyment

TAMRON Lens Utility™ is dedicated software that can customise functions and update the firmware of TAMRON lenses equipped with a Connector Port (USB Type-C) using a computer. Personalizing lens settings to match your shooting style allows you to be more creative and makes photography more fun.

Current lenses with lens utility functionality

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Function List

What you can do with TAMRON Lens Utility™

A-B Focus

Lets you smoothly and easily shift focus from one subject to another

Focus Preset

Move focus to a prerecorded focal point with one press

Focus Ring Function Setting

Makes manual focus easier to use

Select AF/MF

Switch between Autofocus and Manual Focus

Other Functions

Ring Function (Focus/Aperture) / Assign Function from the Camera

Firmware Updates

Update lens to the latest firmware version