Michael Finger
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Michael Finger is a passionate professional photographer, who specializes in capturing the excitement of motorsport.

Introduce yourself!
I specialise in car photography. I started with black and white film in the mid 90’s during my high school years, spending as much time as possible in the darkroom. I worked in photographic retail/minilabs and wholesale in the early 2000’s and I loved learning how to use all the equipment. During that time, I studied the Diploma of Photography at Photography Studies College which gave me understanding of how to operate as a commercial photographer. Over the years I’ve travelled to various parts of Australia, New Zealand and Japan to capture motorsport events in a professional capacity. I always aim to convey the excitement and action of cars being pushed to their limits, and sometimes past their limits. This has led me to experiment with different techniques and equipment. 


Whats your style of photography?
I like to emphasise the speed of cars using slow shutter speeds with panning where possible. I incorporate what’s happening around the cars in action to build a story, so thinking about how to include the scenery, people and equipment adds to that.


What are your biggest inspirations?

My greatest artistic inspiration is rally photographer Reinhard Klein. In my teens, my Dad gave me his book Rally and his yearly limited edition calendars. They inspired me to think outside the square and include all the elements that make up the unique sport of rally.

Thanks Michael!