Warranty and Support

Tamron has been one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality optics for many industries for over 60 years.

Tamron lenses have always been known for their exceptional quality, but unfortunately sometimes things go wrong. If you have purchased a Tamron product and are having difficulties with operation or a warranty issue, we’ve got you covered. We have procedures in place that will have you back up and running with your product as soon as possible!

Standard Local Tamron Warranty

Valid 24 months from date of purchase.

No need to register, just hang on to your receipt (we recommend taking a photo, just in case it’s lost).
For any support enquiries (repairs, firmware, troubleshooting) raise a support ticket here.


International Warranty Cards

If you have purchased a lens while travelling overseas you will need an international warranty card which can be supplied from place of purchase, or if purchased within a year can be provided in Australia with proof of purchase (receipt / invoice).

For international warranty enquiries, please contact us here.

Non-Warranty Repairs

If your product is out of the warranty time frame or physically damaged, please contact our official repair centre.

Repairs Centre:

Hartland Camera Repairs

Unit 7/16 Stanford Way

Malaga WA 6090

(08) 9248 8155


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